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1) First place the order . After you place your order you'll be receiving a confirmation email, regarding your options for making the payment.. If no one contacts you within 7 days please contact us!
2) Once, the payment is made in correct amount, the item(s) are shipped.
  • Product Group 1 item(s) are shipped via registered air mail (1-2 weeks delivery time) from Hungary.  These are mostly cables, from which C-Bits has no gain (offered on service-basis to Commodore community). 
  • Product Group 2  item(s) are shipped most economical way (by surface) from Canada/USA.  Shipping with 6-10 day delivery is also possible (at extra charge).  If you have a history of mail delivery problems it is advised that you pay extra so that package can be send via tracking method and fully insured.  From time to time we also send it via USPS with delivery confirmation.  If that is what you want, indicate it in your comments.
Note: If you're ordering one item from group 2 and another from group 1, you will have to submit two separate orders.

Latest News: [Mar 31, 2009] - Feel free to email us by clicking on Support or Contact Us.
1541XA cables are still in stock and offered with our own "Back to the Past" collection.   The cost of the DVD is so minimal that its included as a bonus.   The collection consits of personal conversions done over the last 10 years or so.  The cable consists of custom made PCB, along with parts and labor, it is the main cost of this offer.  [Photo 1] [Photo 2]
[Photo 3].  Quantity is very limited, and we will not be making these anymore as it is costly to mass produce the PCBs.  It  takes a while to  build such a cable  and then to test it. 
Within USA Orders: $50+$9 for postage. 
Outside USA Orders: Please Ask.
  // Older News

Old News:
[February 2008] - Feel free to email us by clicking on  Support or Contact Us.  Do not forget to visit our dedicated Amiga section.  Emails are answered, although sadly many items are sold off, due to a declining interest in amiga and commodore computers.  Sad news.  Pretty soon it will be all PCs.
// end of Older News
DVD / CD-ROM products:
Commodore: Back to the Past1
Stuff for Commodore Computers on 3 CDs!  (Volume 1, 2 & 3 or on 1 DVD: 1996-2006) 
Games, Applications,  SID/MUS sound files, Commodore Billboard (pics, mpgs, of marketting materials) and many other goodies for C64/C128/Amiga/PET/VIC20/Plus4 that you won't find anywhere else!
Buyers: indicate that you also want Arnold FTP cds (2) at cost with the above.
The Commodore Billboard items are  a collection of material from all over the world with  Commodore original TV advertising, magazine and  brochure scans.   If you do want the index and/or need  setup instructions after your purchase please contact us.

Click on the title cover to see the details and read the comments! 

The Deathbed Vigil  DVD
The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst a film by Dave Haynie (Commodore Amiga Engineer).

A story of the days surrounding the bankruptcy of Commodore Computer, some of the people involved in making the Amiga systems, and where it all went wrong.  This is a must for all Commodore / Amiga fans!  Will most llikely be even autographed by Dave Haynie himself!!

"Deathbed Vigil", NTSC on DVD-R 


Commodore: Back to the Past & XE1541 extended cable1
All-in-one package: three CDs & transfer cable.
(out of stock for now email if interested)

XE1541 extended cable is © by Nicolas Welte and Wolfgang Moser, 1997

Commodore: Back to the Past & XA1541  active cable1
All-in-one package: three CDs & transfer cable.

XA cable
© Michael Klein & Nicolas Welte, 2000
Amiga: The Classics - 
Back to the Past with a Blast!1
Stuff for Amiga on 2 CDs
Email to find out the details and get the index (Volume 1 & 2)

Amiga CDs with Null Modem Cable - Add $10.
Amiga: Marketing Videos of 
A2000 & A5001
This CD features 30 minutes of Amiga 2000 and 20 
minutes of Amiga 500 promotional videos.
Nostalgic Commodore T-Shirt 2 This is for all of you Commodore fans wanting to express yourself! 
Click on the title to see the details about Colors & Sizes.  Specify COLOR(s) and SIZE(s) in the "notes" part of the shipping information.  Price not including shipping but it will be reasonable.
Commodore Hardware:
6582 SID for C64C (revision E)  and the C128-DCR.
Can be adapted for use on the 64/C128.3
Factory new / Limited Quantity 
- This is basically a 6581 designed to run on nine volts (9V) and five volts (5V) like the 8580. 
- It sounds identical (sic) to the 6581, and has the same type of filter range. 
- It is 100% software compatible with the 6581. 
- This chip is able to play 4-bit samples as the 6581 can. 
Source: Commodore Knowledge Base
Commodore 1581 Disk Drive, p/s, serial cable (all new)
Email for details! US$99.99
1701/1702 Refurbished Monitor Email for details!

Keys, springs etc. for C64 keyboard Email for details!

Misc Hardware / Software - List varies weekly. Email for details!

1 The surface shipping cost is already included.  Extra charges apply if shipping by Air or Registered/Expediated mail is requested.  You may also request insurance if you feel insecure.
2 The T-shirt orders may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on inventory and demand.  They're made by a professional design-wear company and you can expect very high quality and durability.  PLEASE note that shipping is extra and you need to specify whether you prefer Surface or Air or Registered Mail.  Don't forget to specify your size & color as well.  Discounts on large orders of course!
3 The shipping is extra.  Please specify surface or air.
** Proceeds from Product Group II go towards acquisition, conversion & thereby preservation of Commodore 8-bit software, which today cannot be purchased at any stores.  They also cover the time & money invested in making the collection possible.  We also dumped a large number of cartridges for lemon & arnold - for everyone to enjoy!

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German X1541-Shop
Visit the page here.
Has some interesting Amiga and Commodore products.

Currently  we have contact with two very reliable Commodore hardware Gurus.
Please  email here for more information.

Product Group I
Cables / Accessories

You might want to read the exact product details on Joe Forster/STA's Page (or by clicking on the product names on this site) before proceeding/placing an order.  The Cables, Adaptors & Other Cables are all made by Joe Forster/STA's X1541 Shop.  Be sure to read the next two small paragraphs before sending any emails to Terminator (the main administrator of Commodore Bits) or Joe - sorry, we get tired of emails asking the same questions :-).  Not to mention that it bugs the whole system down, slowing down the replies to people that really need help :-).  Please the few lines  before emailing.

We reserve the right to edit the prices based on the current US Dollar to Hungarian Forints currency exchange.
NOTE: Prices below do not include shipping costs.  Items below  shipped from Hungary not from Canada!  Fill out the form to get the totals.

X1541-Series Cables 
(work with Star Commander and other transfer/server/emulator software)
X1541 cable Serial cable, for older PC's, up to 486's, with non-integrated SPP/PS2 parallel ports
Out of Stock
XE1541 extended cable Serial cable, for Pentium-class PC's, with integrated EPP/ECP parallel ports (most frequently bought).  May not work with certain motherboards, including ones with the ALI 5 chipset and some laptops.
Tested on: PI, PII, AMD K6-2 500 mhz, higher models too!
Main use with: 64HDD, Star Commander (click on link for more info)
Out of Stock
XM1541 multitask cable Serial cable, for Pentium-class PC's, with integrated EPP/ECP parallel ports. Recommended over XE1541 for native Linux and Windows softwares such as cbm4linux and cbm4win.
May not work with certain motherboards, including ones with the ALI 5 chipset and some laptops
Main use with: cbm4linux, Star Commander (click on link for more info)
Out of Stock
XA1541 active cable Serial cable, for Pentium-class PC's, with integrated EPP/ECP parallel ports. Highest hardware compatibility.
For connecting machines & drives to PC parallel port
Designed to work in all modes of all parallel ports on all PC motherboards.
Out of Stock
XP1541 parallel cable Optional parallel cable, for PC's with PS2/EPP/ECP parallel ports. [Is not sold; refer to XEP1541 or XAP1541 adaptor instead!] 
On Request
X1541-Series Adaptors 
(work with Star Commander and other transfer/server/emulator softwares):
XEP1541 adaptor Provides both an XE1541 extended and XP1541/XP1571
Required: Serial cable and optional Parallel cable (see above).
XAP1541 adaptor Provides both an XA1541 active and XP1541/XP1571 interface
Required: Serial cable and optional Parallel cable (see above).
Out of Stock
Other Cables:

PC64 cable
Semi-parallel cable that connects Commodore machines to the PC parallel port.
Out of Stock
1541 EmuCable

TAP file transfer to tape   (need 1531 of Plus4/C16 Datasette not just the plain C64 white one.  However, tapes, once created, will work on C64 tapedeck assuming the TAP file is C64 related).
Frodo IEC cable [1]
Out of Stock

Easy1541 cable
Cable for Amiga
Out of Stock

Serial cable
Connects Commodore drives to Commodore machines
Serial dispatch cable Y-shaped serial cable that sends data from another serial cable (or any other cable that ends in a serial bus plug, e.g. an X1541- series serial cable) to two Commodore devices. The two cables are 60 centimeters (2 feet) long each. 
Out of Stock
Serial extension cable Same as serial cable but there is a female plug on one of its ends. It extends a serial cable (or any other cable that ends in a serial bus plug, e.g. an X1541-series serial cable) by another 1.5 meters (5 feet). 
Note: using very long cables, including those lenghtened with this extension cable may or may not pick up interference!
Out of Stock
Parallel cable Click on the title to see the details

Cross cable
Gives a parallel connection between two Commodore machines

Monitor cable
To connect your C64/128 40 column screen to monitor
Out of Stock

S-Video converter
Connect your C64/128 to TV, VCR, computer or other unit with an S-Video port. 
Out of Stock

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